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* The World in Three Dimensions *

Please enjoy these selections of my stereoscopic 3-D photography. Equipment used: CANON EOS 400D & LOREO 3D-Lens-in-a-Cap Models 9004 & 9005A,
Fujifilm REAL 3D W1 & W3, LOREO MK II, NOKIA mobile phones 6630 & N97 (cha-cha), Panasonic NV-MX 300 (cha-cha).
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Special call for action!

If you are a dedicated 3-D movie lover, why not consider to take part in financing the restoration of SEPTEMBER STORM?

Check this site for more info, you can start with as little as 10$:

The restoration will be done by the miracle workers of the 3-D Film Archive, the guys who gave us incredible 3-D Blu-ray versions of GOG, Dragonfly Squadron, The Bubble and 3-D Rarities!